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Having fun is important for development and learning, so that’s why we incorporate it into our designs. We hope kids have fun exploring our clothes too.


We don’t want anything to get in the way of a good adventure. We make clothes that are long wearing and thoughtful so that kids who wear Capito are supported to be adventurous and inquisitive about the world.


Creativity in children happens in so many crazy and fun ways, and we are inspired by that sense of freedom at Capito. We are excited that we can be creative with clothing in a way that also helps children to be confident and independent. 


Friendship is important and represents how Capito started, and it’s how we continue to view Capito. We are creating new friendships as we go and are excited to bring them on the  journey. We hope to show that our manufacturers, suppliers through to our little testers and our customers are important to us. 



We want to inspire a happy experience for families during everyday tasks like dressing, so that children are free to create their own adventures! 



We value physical health and supporting healthy development for children. We want them to have meaningful interactions with their clothes, so they are fun and adventurous in their environment and with their communities., 



Education and awareness should empower people to grow and progress. We continue to learn from the world and from each other. Capito helps kids learn to get dressed, not stressed.



We want to incorporate fairness into all of our practices, so we look to the United Nations sustainable development goals. We promise to take small and impactful steps to be kind to our planet. 



The steps we make are slow and purposeful. We value being authentic in the way that we interact with the world and each other. We want our customers to be able to rely on who we are, on our knowledge and experiences and our ability to create helpful and fun garments with them in mind.


We want to create something that we are proud of because it has a positive and fun impact on lives and on us. We want our legacy to fit with our purpose, so If a happy story about a Capito product is shared with someone else we know that we have succeeded.



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