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We know there are plenty of great children’s brands out there, however we noticed that for some children, clothing can get in the way of them having fun. 


We know that there are ways to make dressing for all children positive and fun, and that’s where Capito comes in. We provide the only positive children’s clothing option for empowering little learners and their parents.


Learning to dress themselves can be tricky for young children. But it is an important set of skills to help children to grow and be independent. It paves the way for them to be ready for all types of new learning and development. 


Kids love to learn and practice new things they can do, this includes putting clothes on and off and understanding how they work. When things are fun, kids practice a lot. 


So that practicing is fun for kids, Capito thinks about how to overcome the tricky bits like:

  • Fiddly bits like buttons, zips, laces. These need “fine motor” skills and combining little fingers and small finger movements.

  • Bigger movements in order or “motor planning”. Knowing and doing the steps to putting on a t-shirt properly.

  • Little bodies and brains being overwhelmed by lots of things that they can feel. The sensation of a cold metal button on the skin, itchy seams and scratchy tags. 

When you combine success with the fiddly bits and big movements in order, kids can feel happy in their clothes and then they can go and have fun. 


Capito designs with all this in mind and more, each piece helps and is also built to last. We check how our clothes look, feel and work on little bodies and refine them so they are ready for your little body.


So we are Capito, which means “understood” or “Got it” in Italian. The idea of saying “Capito!” is central to the idea behind all of the clothes that we design.

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